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A music video for artist Cool Company, for the song “Halos”. 

See it on Clash Magazine and Wordplay. 

Official Selection, Aesthetica 2021
Producer: Emily Friedman
Stylists: Tori V. Bennett, Emily Friedman
Director: Waley Wang
Concept: Alexey Kosorukov, Waley Wang


When Madison finds herself caught between the closeted girl she loves and that girl’s boyfriend, she must decide whether her love is worth the trouble of keeping her relationship a secret.

Premiered October 2020
Reel Affirmations, Washington, DC’s LGBTQ+ Int’l Film Festival

OUTstream 2020 Film Fest
New York Lift-Off Film Festival, 2020
Queerbee Festival, 2021
Color’s of Love, International Queer Film Festival, 2021
Director/Writer: Emily Friedman
Producers: Cara Maiatico, Zoey Pressey, Neil Thekdi


“City is the New Beach” 

Additional assets can be viewed on the brand’s Instagram.
Producers: Emily Friedman, Zoey Pressey
Director: Jean du Sartel

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A music video for artist Cool Company, for the song “Blessing”

See it on Equate Magazine
Producer & Stylist: Emily Friedman
Writer/Director: Waley Wang


My Psychic Fairy Godmother

A documentary short film about the relationship between two Brooklyn-based mediums Emily Grote and Marge Othrow. 

Reach out directly for a private viewing link.
Director: Emily Friedman
Producer: Theo Amit
Director of Photography: Juhi Sharma

Premieres 2021

© emily friedman 2021